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Ducted Gas Heating Installation

Ducted gas heating provides you with a cosy warmth and consists of a heating unit connected to a number of outlets by a system of ducts. When you choose a Braemar gas ducted heater, you know you’re choosing a quality Australian made product.

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Seeler Braemar | Trimech

Safe, Efficient & Reliable

When you choose a Braemar gas ducted heater, you know you’re choosing a quality Australian made product, with a 7 year comprehensive warranty and a 10 year heat exchanger and burner warranty. Talk to Trimech today about a gas ducted heater to suit your home.

Ducted Heating Benefits

Natural ducted gas heating, the ultimate in safety, reliability and energy efficiency.

  • Cheaper to run and reaches desired temperatures much faster when compared to reverse cycle heating.
  • Flexible zoning options provide complete control over your individual comfort needs by heating only parts of the house in use which can save you up to an extra 60% on running costs.
  • Flexible installation for all types of homes and roof spaces.
  • Ducted gas heating won’t dry your skin and eyes. It’s a different kind of cosy warmth.
  • Better for the environment with low CO² emissions.
Seeler Braemar | Trimech
Seeley Braemar | Trimech


Seeley International never stops striving to innovate and build the world’s most energy efficient ducted gas heating.

  • Exceeds the Australian standard with the world’s first and only 7 star equivalent ducted gas heating range.
  • Smart, sophisticated and incredibly intuitive, your MagIQtouch controller makes operating your heating so simple.
  • No pilot light ensures the heater works every time and reduces gas wastage.
  • Use less electricity with Australia’s first and only inverter motor for ducted gas heating.
  • Maximum efficiency with the InShot BurnerTM due to thorough air/gas mixing for clean, efficient combustion.

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