Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning, whether it be at home or in the office, affects most people everyday. Our personal comfort has gone from being a luxury, to a necessity in less than a generation, yet still a large number of people believe they can go for a cheap option and achieve the same result.

Whether for a home or a supermarket, Air Conditioning is a major expense, both in the initial capital, but more importantly in the ongoing running costs and maintenance. Therefore our prime concern with every installation is quality. Quality in the product used and in the installation.

Most residential air conditioners come with a full 5 year warranty, and if we install it, we will personally look after it for the duration of this period and beyond.

Trimech are service agents for Daikin and Seeley units. We offer evaporative cooling, reverse cycle ducted , ducted gas and split system units.

Our Parkes team working hard

Our Parkes team working hard

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